Brendan Benson - Good To Me

Good To Me

I've got a 1980 Volvo
I get in start it up and I go
It ain't a vintage Cadillac
And it doesn't have fins in the back

And it'll always be good to me
Always be good to me
Always be…good to me

I got a beat up Supro amp
I plug it in and it sounds like a champ
It aint a fender tweek deluxe
And it cost me a couple hundred bucks

And it'll always sound good to me…
Yeah good to me...

And these things are all I need
All these things are good to me

I got a girlfriend and she's so true
And no other kinda girl will do
Coz I've known some girls in the past
The kinda love they got don't last

And she'll always be true to me

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