X Ambassadors - VHS Outro (Interlude)

Fuck you!

I need you! Hey, Sam, I need you!

Mom? Mom?

Yes, classic on-camera moment, alright

I'm not gonna drive for, like, eight hours
I'll drive for the first three hours
And then you can drive right after me, dude

Let me take the first shift

No! I wanna take the first shift!

I already called it

When did you do that?

I called it when you were out of the room!
I remember, you heard me, he was like "alright, dude, fine."

That's such bullshit!

You said that

You called it?

I heard it!

Did he?

I heard it!

No! Don't back up! You're a fucking idiot, man

I know exactly where I am

Oh my God. You could have just turned there!

Turn that off

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